Feeling emotional 🥺

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I’m due any day with baby #2 so idk if it has to do with that or if I should feel really hurt. I have had a close knit group of friends since we were 5. There were 8 of us that played sports together throughout school. We had one friend pass from cancer in 2017. So now there is 7 of us. Well one friend is getting married in August, we have all been making plans with her, and I’m the only one she didn’t ask to be a bridesmaid or go with her pick out the dress etc. I’m also the only

Married one with now (almost 2) kids. 3 others have 1 child.

When I got married, I planned it in just a few months so I only had a MOH (my family childhood best friend) and no bridesmaids bc I didn’t want to put them out money for dress shoes etc that goes with being bridesmaids bc we were all still in college.

I have a hard time going on their spontaneous weekend trips bc we don’t get things paid for by parents or live at home, etc. also, I have a husband I kinda have to consult before I take off for a weekend, so I usually get left out on those, but it’s not like I don’t want to go. I just can’t. ( this doesn’t have to do with wedding planning, this is just their random spontaneous trips they choose to take)

Do I have a right to feel sad? Like I’m going to end up alone at her wedding bc they will all be at the bridesmaids table and I’ll be by myself. Kinda makes me not wanna go 😞