Colitis in Pregnancy led to C Sect


So I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease- specifically Colitis which is inflammation of the colon. During pregnancy I had a terrible flare up- I had been in remission for nearly two years prior to pregnancy. I experienced a lot of blood loss, painful bowel motions and fatigue. Because of these issues my pregnancy was closely monitored and I had to have weekly ultra sounds as flow to baby from the placenta was jeopardised, baby was on the small side. I also had to have a course of steroid injections to help baby’s liver develop. I had a colonoscopy at 7 months pregnant. My consultant said that a section would be the best option for me as they did not want to end up rushing me into theatre stitch up two areas! I was happy with that.

Recovery was fast and pain was very low. I have been told my next pregnancy ( if I’m lucky enough) May be the same and lead to another section.

So here she is. Our little Darcie!

Not so little now as she is 9 months old this week!

Post partum, I’m still suffering from bleeding, but it is no where near as bad as during pregnancy. I am on a fair bit of medication, as I also will be for life, but I knew that when I was diagnosed in 2014. I have a very supportive partner who looks after me very well and would love me and accept me no matter what this horrid disease threw at me.