Any other moms who can’t leave the house??

S • 24. Married. First time Pregnant!

My daughter is 3 months old. When she was first born I could get her to sleep, put her in her car seat, and head out and at least go for a drive until she woke up. The past couple of months I haven’t been able to leave my house. When we do, she screams BLOODY MURDER the entire time. It only escalates, it never subsides. It reaches the point where she stops breathing and the car is literally a torture chamber for me.

I have tried everything, I mean everything. Toys, mirror, adding/removing layers, heat on/off, windows open, music, no music, singing, shaking her rattle, talking, silence. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. A friend suggested replacing her infant car seat with her convertible car seat, but she hates that too.

Guys.. I am trapped in my house 24/7 because of this. And before anyone says to try to do it more frequently so she gets used to it.. I have tried. There is no improvement. I bring her to my brothers one day a week for a few hours to go grocery shopping and get things done because I literally can’t take her in anywhere either because she hates the car seat. I’m at a loss and really don’t know what to do. Will it get better? I’m going stir crazy!!