This will be my last post on these apps...

First I would like to say congratulations to anyone whom has already gotten their BFP for this year and I wish healthy, full term pregnancies for all of you!

Secondly for those of you still TTC please try all options and all methods! I’m sending you’ll all the baby dust I have left to give and that has been given to me. Try not to be discouraged looking at friends and family around you having babies. It is in the stars for you and one day your star is going to come down into your arms.

Last I want to commend all of you that have been TTC for over 6 months. You women are the strongest beings I know!!! Your faith and belief that one day you will be a mother by all means necessary will make you the best mothers in the world when it happens. I have a sticky note on my mirror for you’ll to remember “SOMETIMES THE STRONGEST WOMEN ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE BEYOND ALL FAULTS, CRY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, AND FIGHT BATTLES THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT”. Because of you women I have continued to try and not given up before when I felt like I wanted to. I believe that one day I will get my rainbow baby even if it’s not a baby that I physically carry.

Each and every one of you get on here day in and day out and encourage one another and answer questions we feel embarrassed to ask or just can’t ask our friends and families!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!! For the past year and a half you’ll have been my Social Media through the good and the bad, but this time I have to take a break and take a step back to breathe... emotionally and mentally.

Ps: this break is not all bad I’m getting married next March so I can hit the gym and get my body ready for my wedding dress ❤️🌈🤩 much love ladies ✌🏽

UPDATE: So came to update my cycle calendar once AF left and had several notifications 🥰 didn’t think this post would really get that much attention and definitely not the encouragement I’m reading. I want to say thank you everyone for the hope of a honey moon baby, and a non-stressed not TTC baby. I don’t know if it will work that well for us, as my fiancée can’t produce “baby juice” on her own lol. BUT..... if she could oh boy oh boy wouldn’t that be lovely ❤️❤️❤️. Needless to say with her being the most wonderful person in the world and knowing that having a family for me has always been #1 on my life goals list!!! She has agreed to quit cigarettes cold turkey and to start prenatal and tracking her cycle, bbt, ovulation 🤗and in April we have scheduled her a doc appointment and they will do blood work and we’ll go from there!!! 🤞🏽🌈 I will keep you’ll posted and thank you ladies again for all the support!!!