Is it wrong to lie?

Terra • Married 2.2.19💍 Due 2.21.2020🤰🏼

So I’m not religious, growing up we never went to church, we never talked about God like I see people all the time as I get older.

So my hubby is fine with me not being religious, but when we first started dating his parents asked me if I believed in god. I lied and said I did.... oops.

Is it wrong to lie about my religion to them?? Hubby told me in the beginning to just say yes because we didn’t want to get into why I don’t believe... (his family is like superrr religious). He didn’t want them to judge me/think I was a bad person. I don’t have any issue with it, meaning telling people I don’t believe in God (or anything to be honest lol). But was it wrong to lie to his parents?

BTW I love his parents to death and they love me soooo much. We talk 24/7.

We had a hints of religion in our wedding ceremony for my hubby since that’s what he wanted & I told him I’m fine raising our children to believe in god.

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