Continuous Braxton hicks at 23+5 weeks.

So I am 23+6 weeks pregnant today, but last night I started having tons of back to back braxton hicks contractions. I knew I had not drank much all day so I immediately chugged a ton of water and the contractions started slowing down and eventually stopped. This morning my lower abdomen is a little tender but I dont know if this is from the constant poking I was doing last night while I was having contractions.

Would these contractions have affected the baby? He was moving like crazy last night during them and I haven’t felt him move since I had them. My OB’s office doesn’t have an on call, I was completely alone last night as my husband was night shift and we are currently in the middle of a 20cm snow storm so I wanted to avoid the ER if the contractions stopped last night! Waiting to call my OB’s office when they open at 8am, but in the meantime any input?