So confused

Caitlyn • Cait •wife• 06/24/17 •mom 03/31/18 • pregnant baby #2 due 05/2020

So my period was 4 days late, and i really thought i was pregnant even though i wasn’t getting positives.

Wednesday morning my husband and I had sex. Right after sex i started spotting.

Well my period is normally medium to light.... like don’t even notice it’s happening.

Yesterday i had to change my pad constantly, and even take showers to clean up because it was more than just a wipe.

I just woke up this morning and i had to take a shower because it was all over....

I have cramps which i never do, and the blood seems more red, and has bloody tissue in it.

Do you think something is going on? Do you think I’m just having a heavier period than normal? 😩