He’s here!


Our little man is finally here! He was born yesterday, on Valentines Day!

We were called at 3:30 on Wednesday morning, once the hospital had a bed open to be medically induced. We got here at about 4:30 and we’re quickly set up in a labor and delivery room. After 29 hours of labor and 4 hours of terrible pushing, he was finally born! He was stuck for a long time under my pelvis and my epidural ran our. Talk about painful! I have 3rd degree tears and a large hemorrhoid. It is so painful to move around right now, but he’s so worth it.

The best part was seeing how in love with him my husband was. I mean, I knew he loved him but it’s definitely softened him up. He was crying for me when I was crying in pain and didn’t think I could push any more, and he cried when we first saw our little man. 💙