OMG!! I can't even believe it!!


So my husband and I don't conceive easy. We have a 9 month old son who I breastfeed. I got my first period last month and never got it this month. I tested and tested with the 88c tests from Walmart and everything said negative. I called my midwife and she said my period could take a long time to regulate and to by opks if I want to know when I ovulate to try to get pregnant. I ordered them and took my first one this morning. It was positive. I thought well there's no way my first ovulation test is positive and I conveniently am ovulating exactly when I first started testing so I took a pregnancy test that came with the opks and OMG it is positive!! I can't even believe it. We struggled to conceive with our son and I got pregnant right away once my period returned!! I'm in total shock!! I guess the 88c ones just don't work for me because that happened once before also. Lesson learned... Always buy the name brand tests!