My Best friend part 2


Spencer moaned twisting his hands in my hair pulling it hard as I continued relentlessly sucking him off, until he came in my mouth. I kept moving living, sucking and swallowing every drop. He collapsed back into the pillows looking up at me with his bright blue eyes, examining me in a whole new way that made me blush.

"where the fuck did you learn how to do that?"

"to be honest I just kind of made it up. I wanted to use you as my Guinea pig to experiment on."

"well baby anytime you want to experiment again I am selflessly here for you." I smiled, "so my turn now?" I frowned, "your not having all the fun, anyway I'm hungry." before I could respond he had all but leapt up grabbed my upper arms and flipped me over. I couldn't stop myself from giggling stupidly. Spencer pulled my boxers off and I cursed myself for not at least trying to go for sexy undies. But he didn't seem to even notice his eyes were instead locked on my dripping wet shaved pussy.

"Spencer." I said but he pressed a finger to his lips telling me to be quiet as he began stroking his hands gently down my body over and over every inch of my trembling from the warm skin of his palms. He removed one hand I jerked off the bed cursing loudly as he plunged 2 fingers inside me.

"sorry babes" he said playfully "a little too fast?" I shook my head "good" he said"cause I've got an even better idea. "be slowly nestled himself between my thighs and lazily began sucking his fingers and using his moist fingertips to explore, stroking rubbing my clit gently finger fucking me and then stopping. I had been touched by guys before but fuck Spencer knew what he was doing he was teasing and the throbbing between my legs was becoming unbearable. He stoped and locked eyes with me smiling devilishly then he all but launched himself at my pussy and FUCK!!! His tongue was a fucking whirlwind plunging into me licking and sucking and caressing me in a way that bypassed any build up within seconds I was clinging to the sheets screaming through a violent orgasm, that apparently wasn't enough. I felt spencers chest rumble in a purr as he sucked me off tasting me. He removed his mouth but continued rubbing my clit,

"OK baby" he said "I know what you need I'm going to make you cum." he went back to sucking and licking out my pussy and within seconds I was grabbing the sheets and I bit the pillow to muffle my screams but soon the sensations were too intense and I screamed out as I came passionately. He purred again licking away dedicated to cleaning up.

"was that OK for you?" he asked resting his chin on my tummy.

"what do you think puppy" he smiled at the use of my pet name.

"well I loved it. In fact I think I could happily spend a few hours down there having a look around.

" well we came come back to that another time"

"I'll hold you to that babe,"

"will you come here and kiss me" his blue eyes sparkled as he wriggled up my body pressing his lips to mine his tongue gently slipping into my mouth as both our sets of hands wandered as I gripped his cock spencers lips curved in a smile. He was still hard and ready.

"are you sure?"

"yes" I snapped impatiently....

Conclusion inPart 3