Not sure if I should go to L&D again


I’m 35+1

So yesterday I started feeling these cramp feelings, exactly like I used to get before my period. I’ve had a headache since Saturday... Called L&D and they told me to go in. I go in, they put me on fluids, get some blood work done, checked my cervix (closed), and put something on my IV for my headache. I slept for about 2h because of the meds, we were monitoring baby, my blood pressure looked good.

I got home and slept pretty soon, woke up this morning feeling a little bit off, nauseated... Started drinking water and around 3pm the same cramp feelings started again, with this pressure and hardening on my lower abdomen and it’s coming and going. Sometimes it makes it hard to breathe. I’m still drinking water and the headache is back. I’m not sure if we should call and see if they want us to go in again to investigate more. Baby is also breech and has been like that for a few weeks now.



Ended up going, got an IV again, more blood work done, monitored the blood pressure for about 2h. I’m closed and 50% effaced, so no news... Just have to deal with the pains