bump right at the top of pubic hair???

its this red bump that doesn’t hurt or itch, so i’ve ruled out ingrown hair (i don’t shave or have any hair removal thing that i do so) i didn’t notice it bc it doesn’t hurt and isn’t irritating. it doesn’t have puss so i don’t think it’s a pimple, ive also never had sex or anything so i have no idea what it could be. i just noticed it when i got out of the shower. and when i press on it it’s hard?? it’s not very raised or anything, if it wasn’t red i wouldn’t have noticed it. does anyone have any idea what it could be???

UPDATE: it’s been here like three days now, it has this white blotch thats only getting bigger, like almost covering the entire bump. my mom told me to pop it last night bc thats what she does, i tried but it hurt too much and from there the white has only gotten bigger (i didn’t pop it but tried) i have no idea if this is still an ingrown hair, she say it is. any idea on what i could do??