Am I Pregnant? (2 spotting periods in one month)

Kenna • I'm 17 years old. I have a boyfriend. I dance a lot

So I messed up taking birth control this month. I was taking birth control every day perfectly when the condom broke on the 10th of January. I didn’t take BC from the 18-20 and then doubled up 21-24. I spotted brown red during then and contributed BC. Then when my period was suppose to come 28-Feb 1, it was just brown spotting again. Did I mess up my birth control and it is just my uterus freaking out or am I pregnant.

I have major anxiety and have had many panic attacks. I have no pregnancy symptoms.

IM 17 and my parents are catholic, so I’m not suppose to be having sex. I am on birth control for my periods and got into a relationship that has become sexual. So being pregnant is scary because #1 I’m 17, #2 my parents would hate me, #3 i would not be able to get an abortion because my state requires I tell my parents. So if you think I am. Try to help me figure this out.

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