Need advice ASAP!

Short back story- my ex husband/son's father has visitation every other weekend. He has never been a stable person, our marriage was terrible & he abused me BUT because he never hurt or threatened to hurt my son, I decided to be civilized about visitation.

Fast forward to today & my bff sent me a msg asking why my ex was in a psych ward? WTF?!?! Sure enough, I go to his Facebook & it's right there PUBLIC. I messaged him asking if he could explain what's going on & this was his response...

I found these on his FB, again public for everyone to see. The second one is from today.

He manipulated me so much in our relationship that I doubt myself all the time. Am I wrong to ask him about it or do I have the right? I don't feel like he should get his visits if he's this unstable, right?? I need advice!