Fwb’s situation


Hey girlies could I just have minute of your time to just read this and you can reply if you want.

So I got into a fwb situation, I know this guy nearly a year this week. So I was talking to him a couple of nights ago and we were joking and I joked about being with other guys and basically how I’m slut. He wrote back in all seriousness was like “no one being in your category except me” so I was messaged back going you don’t want to share me? He said yes exactly. Yet the last couple of times we slept together, I found out he was sleeping with other girls. I told him I’m not sleeping with anyone else. So I wonder what has changed his mind to not want to share me? ( he said in the past he didn’t mind who I kissed) I’m gonna message him to see if he’s not going to be sleeping with anyone. Does this mean I can still go out see other guys? (I feel like he’s being possessive and is telling me most time not to get attached to him, I got attached to him couple months back but that (plus he’s was my first time, haven’t been with anyone except him, but it’s in past now)I need help and would appreciate it if you wrote back. You don’t have to but thank you. (I forgot to add in, I downloaded tinder because I was bored and wanted to nosey and I swiped on him as joke, so I’m wondering if any of that has to do with this)