Placenta Previa


Yesterday my OB told me that my placenta is currently too low and referred to the condition as placenta previa. She also mentioned that it might move later on in my pregnancy and correct itself, but that in the meantime I have to be very careful with exercise and cannot have any intercourse. They scheduled a check up with a high-risk physician 2 months from now to reevaluate. That seems like a lifetime to me to not know whether or not it is being corrected. Right now I'm 20 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this? Did it move to the right position before birth? I'm afraid that if I have to have a C-section then I'll have trouble breastfeeding because of the pain and recovery time. I really want to be successful in breastfeeding because I feel strongly about passing as much of my immunity as possible to my baby. After reading about this condition in my pregnancy book, I'm terrified about what might happen.