I need attention but he won't give it😔

Recently, I've been talking to someone from a different country he lives in America whereas I live in the uk. We both have been together since Christmas. At first it started off amazingly, he'd always be texting me on time, we'd be on the phone for hours on end and we'd have so much to talk about. Now I feel like the relationship is falling apart. We're both still in school and since we are together , we haven't been intimate with any other person. Here's how it all started.

We met online and we started speaking quite a lot. That's when I asked him for his number. When we started getting closer he was quite insensitive and rude but I never really noticed that till now. There's a 5 hour difference between us both but that never really bothered us in the past. However, I really didn't think me and him would ever be a thing so I was texting another dude. I thought he didn't have feelings for me and he wouldn't mind me texting another person since we were just on a friendship level. One day, I fell out with the other guy because I was having feelings for him but he said he had a girlfriend( he lied btw he just wanted to see my reaction). I told my hubby rn about the whole situation. He was very blunt about it. He got really sensitive and that's when I realised he had feelings for me. I completely cut the other dude off as I didn't want him no more. As we spoke more, I got to know him more and that's when I fell hard for him. So I let a few months pass until I asked the question " do you want to be mine?". I was so scared thinking he'd reject me but he didn't. So we started being even more closer. We started sending sexual content and everything, it was soooooo exciting. Now he's too busy playing his game 2k and I don't mind that it's just he never has time for me. I really do love attention off him, when we're on the phone I still get that same feeling as I did when we were first otp.☺️ He claims hes sleep deprived. he won't ever message me urgently unless it involves some type of pleasure or satisfaction to him. I really do like him and I really do want to stay with him. I trust him because what's the point of being together if we don't have trust. Him texting other girls ain't a problem because I know he knows that not being loyal is wrong. I need help in how to keep him interested because we argue everyday. The arguments last a night max and really it's just about him winding me up😂 I really do hope we sort things out and we can continue to be together and hopefully if it turns out I can go to America and stay at his place for a few weeks or maybe even months❤️