PCOS and confusion

I have never posted before and I’m not sure what response I will get but I have PCOS and even though my AF comes with a bit of irregularity, when they come the flow is consistent. By consistent, I mean heavy for days 1-4 and medium to light for days 5-7.

I am concerned because this time is lighter than my usual flow and I can’t seem to find answers that make sense to me. Some sources say it’s my PCOS making it lighter but it never has before. I’ve seen stuff about implantation bleeding but that usually only lasts a day or two and this has been going on for a week. It was mostly spotting/light bleeding this whole week and that has NEVER happened. I didn’t even get cramps...which also NEVER happens when AF is in town.

What does this mean? Should I take a pregnancy test? Should I chock it up to stress? Has anyone else had this happen? Idk what to think and all my research doesn’t address my issue.