Baby Dust struggles


So I am 37, no children, never pregnant. I have a puturitary tumor and insulin resistance. Been with fiance 11 year's. He served in the united states army no children. I started metformin and carbgoline, no menstrual in 2 years. Been taking meds for a month now.. 2nd week of meds started getting cm which I haven't had in 2 year's also. Still haven't seen Af. Wonder due to age and circumstances should I just accept the fact I am never going to have that bundle of joy? I have protected my self and waited for the right guy but it feels like I am being punished for not being like alot of my peers and getting preggos at a young age. I find myself seeing pregnant women and getting depressed. Please tell me some success story's of women my age going through similar situations. Real need a pick me up.