My Boss snide comments

Sonya • 1st IVF 🌈 👶🏽 with a baby girl 👧🏽 born March 29th

I’m only 7 weeks away and I only want good energy in my space. Since the beginning of my pregnancy my boss has made snide comments. “Oh you’ll need to buy granny panties cuz your hips will get wide” (they didn’t, I only have a belly less than 10 lbs gained) “put this on your stretch marks” ( I don’t have any) “how many things did you buy? Did you leave any gifts for ppl to buy you”(I got furniture delivered & a few packages sent to my job so it won’t get stolen and I have my own office to store it in). She keeps making remarks, anytime someone says to me oh you’re tiny & all belly or you’re carrying well. She’ll be like with that big ole belly. I’ve had enough of her!! One day she rubbed my belly without asking me. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤬🤯