Am I the only one ?? Am I a bad mom ?

Hello guys I want to start by saying that I feel fully blessed to be pregnant with my second child ... however ... idk how to say this without sounding like a horrible parent because I love my children no matter whTat... but I recently found out I am having a boy . My oldest is a girl. It’s not that I am sad but I feel kinda scared .. as if Idk how to be a boy mom ... my daughter is super girly, and I love it . I can’t help to be scared that I may not be a good boy mom because I am to girly?? Idk if that makes sense . I guess I’m

Just scared because mentally I was so ready for another girl .

Please don’t be rude , I love my child . No matter what . I just wanted to reach out to other moms to see if they ever felt this way .