Relationship advice needed ❤️

Sophia • a certified egg

Hi, today me and my boyfriend were talking. The topic of Discord (an app) came up. He was talking about how a few months ago he was in a few servers, and talked to a lot of “e-girls” (basically a term for internet girls) he was saying how one of his old Discord friends had added him to a Instagram group-chat, with many of those girls he used to talk to. He told me that many of them were flirting with him, and some even asked for nudes, which he said he told them he has a girlfriend. He then said that he continued the conversation, as if it never happened.

I’m happy that he told me this, so I don’t think he’s cheating, but it made me uncomfortable and, sad to say, almost like I couldn’t trust him.

I don’t want to force him to leave the groupchat because I don’t want to seem controlling, (main question) But how do I tell him that it made me uncomfortable that these girls were flirting with him? And if I do, how do I not seem controlling?