How and when to tell hubby

Hi lovely people in my phone. Yesterday I found out I am pregnant which is amazing news I'm so happy and feel extremely blessed. I've been wanting another baby since our daughter was born in 2017 but hubby understandably has been petrified to try or think about it.

In 2014 we lost a daughter at 17+3 weeks which changed us forever then lost another baby at 11 weeks exactly in 2016. I was very ill and nearly died twice after the loss of our daughter.

My hubby was a nervous wreck throughout my pregnancy with our daughter he wouldn't bond with my bump or really acknowledge it for fear of us losing her.

When we have talked recently about us having another baby he has said he doesn't know what he would do if we lost another baby he even hinted at suicide 😢😭 he is my everything he is a super sensitive gorgeous guy that has been through so much in his life. I know he needs help but it's convincing him to seek it and finding something accessible.

Fast forward to now I'm pregnant 🤩 and so excited but I've told no-one I'm dying to tell him but I want to protect him too. I want to get myself checked out and ensure there aren't any new fibroids that could cause an issue with my pregnancy (this scares me). I'm booked in with my doctor this weekend and I'm going to ask for an urgent referral to my gynaecologist to get checked. Fingers crossed there are no fibroids to compromise my pregnancy I want this baby so badly. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

What would you do? How do I access the right help and support for my hubby he's a fantastic daddy and I'd love to see him bond more with my bump this time. I should say we are UK based.

Thanks for reading xx