Is karma real?!?

S/NI don’t believe in karma honestly because it’s apart of a different religion. Yes, I know that sounds stupid it’s just my belief system.

Yesterday my boyfriend was telling me how his homeboy cheated on his girlfriend/baby momma. I quickly jumped to her defense and was getting upset because this girl had his baby and they spend years together just for them to be thrown away.

My boyfriend goes into detail that his friend’s girlfriend was already cheating on him and was still sleeping with her ex boyfriend when they got together. I felt bad for both of them and said that’s toxic and they need to leave each other alone whether they have kids or not.

He was like that karma for her. And that she was messing around with his sisters boyfriend a while ago and put it on social media and basically embarrassed his sister.

The whole situation was pretty messed up in itself and I didn’t want to hear anymore of it. I just felt bad for all parties involved and it had me thinking is this really karma for this girl or is she extremely immature and disrespectful for what she’s doing? Both need to get it together and just separate.