Valentines Day RANT!!!!!

This is what I set up on V-Day.......he said it looked nice. He came home without a thought and said we would celebrate Saturday. Saturday comes around and he says he needs to go wash his car at a friend’s house (it’s too cold here and we don’t have a hose).....,We had plans to go out that night as a couple. Nope. He came home at 6:30, only interested in the flooring we’re going to put in the bathroom. Boom. Over. Nothing. He promised this would be my first real Valentines Day but he couldn’t even write, “I love you,” on a piece of paper. Which would have melted my heart. Yet he promised traditional style Valentines Day gifts. It’s the thought, not the gifts.

Oh......he bought himself a bunch of Valentines Day candy the day after because it was on clearance. He’s so dreamy and wonderful otherwise, he considers himself a hopeless romantic! What the actual fuck?!

I’m sorry for ranting. I’m not the spoiled type and I never want to be. But come on! One day?! Is that too hard?