❌Bf still talks to Fuckbuddy❌

So I've been with my bf for 5 months now and before we even had a relationship he told me he had a FWB. So I was cool with it since it's been a long time ago and I thought they'd cut ties already. And guess what? They've been talking and he's been calling him when he gets sad because of me leaving soon (im from Asia and moving to Australia). While we were hanging out yesterday I kindof opened the topic because he's been hiding the girl's name from me and I didnt really care about her back then and bam he told me the name and guess what!! He was talking to her YESTERDAY while we were TOGETHER (because he was sad again since he failed his oral defense, PPS. I WAS ON FULL SUPPORT ALL THROUGHOUT HIS DEFENSE AND I NEVER NAGGED HIM FOR ALL THE TIME WE WERENT TOGETHER) and if I wasnt smart enough I wouldnt have any idea because she has a nickname on his messenger!

I mean my boy can be friends with anyone but his PAST fuckbuddy right? You think it's normal for me to get super mad at him and to even tell him to block the girl? Thanks in advance!