Difference between weight gain and a pregnant belly?

Natalie • Aromantic asexual lady and hopeful to have a child of my own.

Hi, all, I'm new to TTC, just as a disclaimer! And I'm very confused right now.

So general background:

My HPT have come back negative, however, I've been experiencing nausea, sore breasts to the point I've had to take my bra off, heartburn, increased appetite, and even if I'm just moving my freaking vacuum cleaner, it sucks the wind out of me.

And to add to my confusion, I've had two very strange cycles that have included bleeding and this week, my spotting stopped. Now, my periods are very consistent, I have it for up to four or five days. These two cycles, it's been two days and on the third day, it's literally like a light switch in terms of how it just stops. I did not experiencing any usual cramping and I get cramps really bad.

The whole package of feeling sick, sore chest, etc has not gone away; if anything it *increased* in February before any period. It's running it's usual course this week. Hell, I almost ran to the bathroom in Hobby Lobby to take off my bra.

So, in conclusion, I don't know what's up, I don't feel like myself, so I'm torn on seeing a doctor or not because pregnancy aside, I just feel off. Now, I'm 5'6", I've had a pretty active job, so I bounce between 135-140 lbs. That's normal. I havent seen my weight go up past five pounds. So I don't know what this is. Admittedly, it's a little alarming and makes me self-conscious because I'm pretty thin. This was taken midday.

Two things I've noticed:

- I feel bloated and full imimmediately after I eat.

- if I press my mid section it feels firmer.

So, with this, I'm not sure if this is just weight gain or what. Is there a physical way to tell?

Also, going back to my irregular cycles and negative tests, am I overreacting when I want to see a doctor? I did have cysts in my teens to my early 20s, so either way, I want to rule that out.

Sorry for the TL;DR! I like to write.