My mom doesn't understand 🙄 am i wrong to feel this way?

My man lives in a different state due to being in the military and at the beginning of my pregnancy my parents wanted me to move in with them because my SO is going to deploy in 2019 for 9 months (no clue when) they don't want me to live in the house by myself. I went to move with them in Texas total of 5 people (parents, sister and nephew) not including me. They moved to Texas due to wanting to be closer to their grandchild. I help babysit my nephew and niece and now that am basically in 3rd trimester (5 weeks to go) the energy has sucked out of me I been super fatigue, light headed and super dizzy, they expect me to do everything but, at this stage it's Abit difficult. I don't get paid for the 8 months (which I should for alil or not even receiving a thank you). I am so exhausted and want to relax until my baby comes. The whole pregnancy I been babysitting them. I love them to death but, I just need me time. I have them Monday- Friday 7am- 8:30pm.. am I wrong?

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