Pregnancy advice?!!


Hey guys I have a really urgent question for women who are or have gotten pregnant.. My cycle length is 24 an I was supposed to get my period on the 5th but usually that's my heaviest day out of the whole cycle an I started spotting lightly pink for a few hrs an then it stopped for a day an half until the 7th at night I started to spot again a lil more pink an red an then put a pad on for a few hrs an it dryed brown an not spotting at all anymore I took a test but it came up negative but I also had drank a whole bottle of water an didn't get no sleep but the test said it could test 6 days sooner before period am I pregnant or is there no chance an it's just one of those days an also could the spotting be implantation bleeding an how soon should I retest ik it's a little tmi but ladies I really need advice I been trying for a few years an really hope I'm not getting my hopes up