Imagine this

You’re Married 2 years . He receives disability due to a bad Accident that resulted in him losing his shoulder (he has a metal rod in it) It’s still a good arm just not as strong . You on the other hand are a full time Nurse .

You wake up next to your husband, you get up and get ready to go to work. His car is in the driveway but he’s refusing to take you to work so you set out earlier then usual to catch the bus . You work all day while he is home doing nothing . You clock out and set out to take the bus back home ; you don’t complain. You get home and he has friends over . You’re so tired from working all day you say nothing , you do nothing . Just go straight to your room and get in bed . Your husband tells you he’ll be in there in a min. . He comes in after about 20min and says “wussup” . You say “wussup” he says “I’ll be back” he goes back out to his friends leaving you in the bedroom. After an hour he texts you from the living room saying “Babe I’m going to a party tonight” You say “okay”.. he says “we’ll have dinner together before I go” you say “that’s fine” .... You fall asleep & wake up . He is still with his friends ... Now imagine this is almost an everyday thing .