I cant stop crying 😭

So today was just a horrible day for me! I for a flat tire! Had to wait by the free way for 2 hours till I could get help ( didn’t have a spear) well I get home to my husband yelling at me because I took to long and I forgot to deposit his check now he won’t have money til Monday, so my daughter asked him for 5 dollars so she could buy somethings to make slime he went crazy and got mad saying he shouldn’t have to pay for her stuff that her biological dad should, I have a part time job I help with bills gas rent whatever I can, what hurt me the most is that he said it infront of her she started crying saying how he didn’t love her because she isn’t his real daughter, tbh am broke Right now he has never used any words like this of thrown in face about her am so heart broken 😭😭 we stay away from his family because they are the same thinking single moms shouldn’t get married again that it’s disgusting, I thought he was different or at least loved us but u guess not he is just like them😭 what do I do? File for divorce?