Pain 2 mo postpartum


Third baby was born in January and I've been experiencing pain/discomfort especially if I lie on my side at night or sit for an extended period. I can't tell 100% where the pain is - but it feels like my cervix/vagina/urethra & maybe uterus a little. It's sort of a throbbing pain with a little shoot of sharp pain here & there. I had a pap smear done at 6 wks pp since I was overdue for one and midwife didn't mention anything appearing "off" but I haven't seen my family doctor yet. Anyone else experienced this & did it go away or did you have further testing etc? Don't really want someone poking around down there but I don't remember having this discomfort with my other 2 and I also had sort of a weird labour. Baby was born 10 days early and labour was just over an hour. When I was feeling an urge to push I asked my midwives if I could and they said they could help push my cervix out of the way. I regretted it a little during pushing (she literally was all up in there digitally pushing my cervix so that baby's head could come out) but she came out in less than 5 min and I was just so glad it was over. Basically I'm concerned there is permanent damage to my cervix now. 😫😣 pic for attention!