We went anyway!!

Arielle • Mom to an angel, Quinn Jordan 💗 (11.29.14) and Bennett Ace 💙 (8.2.19)

So despite the weather, I was stubborn and told my husband we are making this appointment whether he liked it or not! Haha So if you didn’t see my post from earlier this morning, I was full blown whining about ANOTHER endless snowstorm! My husband tried to make me reschedule my ultrasound and appt and after looking at the weather, I told him no!! Any precipitation isn’t supposed to begin until later this evening so I told him I was determined to make it work!! So we did! And the weather has been just fine!! We are already on our way home and haven’t seen a drop of rain or a single snowflake! Turns out I may not be such an idiot after all! He’s kind of a pansy when it comes to weather so I wasn’t leaving it up to him and now I can say I was right! 😉 lol

ANYWAYS!...ultrasound went great! Baby is measuring ahead of schedule and she moved my due date up to 8/5! She is expecting this to be a big baby! 😳 Greeeaat! Haha There was a small cyst on baby’s brain that we will recheck around 32wks but she didn’t seem worried about it at all and stated they typically resolve itself and are very common. I’ve heard of this before and everything always seems to resolve so I’m not stressing! We are going to find out the gender together with immediate family tonight! I’m pretty sure it’s a boy! I have mixed feelings! I have a daughter so it’s what I’m used to and I looooved the pink and bows etc and I have a name I love for a girl! I will love this baby, don’t get me wrong but I was kind of hoping for another girl too! As dumb as it sounds, boy names are sooo hard!!