Could use prayers, positivity, whatever you do!


We have been seeing the high risk doctor as well as my OB since 20 weeks since there was a marker on the baby’s bowel they wanted to check. We’ve now had three scans with IFM and started at 20th percentile, then 15th and just today under 10. She was always going to be on the small side of normal (I’m very petite) but now she’s just plain small. The percentile on its own isn’t cause for concern, it’s more the trend downward.

Basically, my placenta is not functioning as it should for whatever reason. Bad luck most likely. Blood flow Doppler’s and baby’s health in general are good at the moment.

But bottom line is that we aren’t likely to make it to 40 weeks. Doctor thinks most likely scenario is 36/37 weeks, and worst, 32 which is just 5 weeks away. We have to go in every two weeks to keep checking baby’s growth.

I’m totally devastated, scared and don’t know what to do. I feel like the joy has been sucked out of this whole experience. It was always going to be hard, and now it’s just going to be harder. 😔

All I can do is just keep trying to get the placenta working by eating and taking aspirin. But based on our track record, it’s so hard to stay positive right now.

Any thoughts, experiences, encouragement would be appreciated.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit.