Things can get complicated


So I’m 16, I’m going to be 17 in a couple months and the guy I’m talking to will be 18 in a couple months. So we’ve had our ups and downs, and even got to a point where we stopped talking.

So we started talking again recently and we’ve met a couple times in person but he also lives an hour away from me and we both struggle to see each other. So he was telling me he was coming down soon and he wanted to look at a house and take me so I was thinking ‘that will be fun but you have to meet my mom first.’ And he said he would and eventually he said ‘I want to bring you along with me because it won’t just be my house.’ So I was kinda confused and said ‘what?’ He said ‘it will be our house.’ And I’m young still, in high school, and don’t even have a job or license yet. I can see myself being in a long term relationship with him but I can’t really see us moving in automatically.

I don’t really know what to think honestly.