Online/long distance boyfriend doubts


This might be long so sorry!

Im going to start from the beggining. We met on a app called Yubo, not a dating a dating app but ironically an app to meet friends. It was a dare to make an account and what not.

He came off as kind and sweet, he was very caring but kept up a tough act. He was about two years older, played in 3 sports, just a normal teenage athletic boy. We became close, but I was very weary though, I don't trust many people so if it was some grown man catfishing me, I can try and find the flags of it like if he asked to meet in real life. Well we exchanged snapchats and stuff and he was indeed real, as we did video calls from time to time.

Well he was a flirter, but so am I. I thought of it like a game, he flirts and I flirt back harder, to which he responded with another flirt. This went on for two months and we became close. Well the flirting got more and more and we started to tell eachother 'I love you!' Very often, I thought of it as a game also.

Well I began to question the relationship, are we just friends or not? Well I am a second guesser so I never questioned it till he said 'I can't wait to show my friends my beautiful girlfriend' to which sent alot of feelings. Doubt hit me the hardest. Again, major trust issues get in the way with everything and this sent my mind haywire.

Well, I accepted it, we never had the normal 'Will you be my date?' Thing but for me, I hate normal so I was okay. First time dating and he is an hour away with no way to have actual face-to-face contact with me, guess we have to be a new love story my friends never had yet. {They had many boyfriends and they think they had every situation yet of dating, which is the biggest lie ever}

It was good for a month, my friends didn't kniw about him until my bff went snooping in my phone and found him, I wasn't hiding him but that voice in my head said 'he is playing you, so when he is finish with you can deal with in undercover' but nooooo she had to go snooping. Either way she made a big deal about it and she told about everyone we know.

So while everyone squeaks about my first boyfriend, the comments come. "What if he just wants your body?" "What if he is a creep?" "He could be a psychopath" "You can never be normal with him!"

I find them all stupid but they feed the nagging voice in my mind. If he wants my body then imma let my body walk out the door cuz he ain't getting it. I also got no time for a creep. If he is a psychopath then I am just doomed. And normal is never my thing! Even said by him since we are so far we both get more excited for the day we could actually meet and both want to actually finally be able to hug and stuff when we do meet{when we do I am definitely bringing a friend}

Then other comments that are jokes but still kinda hurt are "You are so ugly! How you get a man before me?!" "Is he blind, deaf, and insane? Then he is perfect!"

It just these people are getting into my head and with never meeting him it gets my feelings mixed up. Just, what shall I do? Tell everyone to shut up or should I listen to them?