I want a positive!

Kayla • Happily Married to a Wonderful Man of 9 years, together over 16.5 years now and I have a beautiful baby girl that's nearly 6. I have had several miscarriages my last was 1 yr ago at 8 weeks and 2 days. My daughter now is a Clomid baby. I hope to br pregna

I'm 8 days late and I still have yet to get a positive. I had a MC last year which followed by a DNC at 8 week 3 days I have been right on time every month since. I have a beautiful gift from God here with me my baby girl who's now 5.5 she was a Clomid baby took us 6 yrs to get. So with all this being said ladies there's still hope! Let's get to baby dancing and have our rainbow babies or either for some your first baby!! Goodluck.