BF got Softball sponsorship, how extra should I be 🤔

So my guy and I got together for a few months. He plays baseball and softball and I’m not really into sports (I know enough to follow the basics of a basketball game).

So he just casually mentioned he got a sponsorship with a top company. We haven’t had a chance to talk yet so idk what his deal actually entails. I’ve already congratulated him of course but don’t know how big of a deal I should make. He’s been playing ball all of his life so would this be considered huge or normal? I like to randomly hype him up about his accomplishments but I need to know what level of extra to be lol

Edit: thank you ladies! I keep forgetting that he’s shy, so we’v talked more about it but I’m going to have to pull teeth for more info 😂 it’s too soon for the shirt idea but its definitely an idea that I’ll keep in mind for a later date