What are your opinions on STAY AT HOME MOM

I love being a stay at home mom but sometimes i feel like other people think its a lazy job.

If only they knew how much work it is taking care of a baby is! (5 months now) , how many breakdowns I’ve had just bc I thought I wasn’t doing it right being a mom. I take it offensive when some think it’s not as hard as being employed.(actually getting paid) Like anyone who now says it to me , I right away react to it bc little do they know! That shit used to get to me when i was being called “lazy” where I actually wanted to find a babysitter for my 1st born.. but u know what? I f’n adore this job. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity of being at home w/ my baby , now pregnant w/ baby #2 so I’m more than ready to be at home w/ both of my babies❤️

Had to vent , so sorry ladies ..