Doctors brush you off?


I know I am extremely hormonal and miserable right now so I try not to come here just to rant but does anyone else's doctor just seem to blow them off? First id like to say i try my best not to be a drama queen in anyway but I have had multiple losses including my stillborn daughter so my concern with things are higher now. I go to an OB place that has multiple practicing doctors there and I'm suppose to be a high risk pregnancy(transferred from fertility specialist and see mfm). Usually after patiently waiting for an hour and half in the waiting room and also another hour in the exam room, a doctor will finally come in and ask how I am. If I ask a question they get hasty like I'm a problem by saying I'm over thinking something or if I tell them any symptoms I'm having such as swelling, pressure in a certain area etc(for an example my left leg has been swelling a lot more than my right) they always tell me its pregnancy deal with it then literally get up and walk out. I know this is a far from hunky dory time for us women during pregnancy I get that completely but couldn't they show a little more concern or at least look into a symptom I may be having? Thanks for listening to my rant lol, I just wanted to get that off my chest and see if anyone else may have to deal with this issue.