Graphic!!! Dont know if anyone remembers my posting before


This has been a month in a half of having this on my breast. It started pretty small, like a little pimple, then changed into one of those god awful under the skin pimples just waiting to come up, had a mass under the skin. It got worse throughout the month and then one morning i went to lift my boob up to look and a thick round circle of skin fell off the middle. It looked like it was healing from that point on.... Until 2 days ago. Its red all around it, the mass under the skin is larger and spread out more and it definitely has a smell to it now. When i really try to give it q good squeeze, all 4 sides of it have to be pushed at once and thats just for a couple pen dot size amounts of stuff to come out. Nothing more. It hurts, it aches, idk what this is at this point. The stuff coming out , is a greyish, brown-red colored and really thick. Sorry its gross.

Those two ^ are this morning.

These two are from yesterday evening ^

This was a week and a half ago ^ when that round piece of skin fell off.

And these 3 are from the start to the first week or so after. ^

As you can see it got " better" and then worse again. What do i do!?!? Help me