So hopeful


So, every day last month I was using opk tests. Kept getting negative after negative... glow kept pushing my ovulation date back up to a week late. Kept getting negatives, and I finally gave up.

The last couple weeks I haven’t had any symptoms. At least non of the obvious type... the only the I noticed that was weird and different was having insomnia.

Normally, I’m forcing myself to stay up till 11! Lately, I go to bed WIDE awake, don’t fall asleep till a out 1... then continue to wake up and roll around tons throughout the night...

But anyways! I just assumed I was out... but yesterday AF WAS 3 days late, and I figure I might as well take a test just Incase...


Theres a second line!!! I know it’s there!

But I’m still so worried it’s an evaporation line or something:(

We’ve been trying for so long, it’s hard for me to believe it’s finally happened! I’m going to wait till tomorrow and try a pink dye and/or digital test.