2 Medical Professionals telling me 2 different things

K- Baby girl 2019 Baby #2 due 2021

Hey everyone! Okay so I am feeling a little frustrated. Here's my story:

Two weeks ago I had an ultrasound just to make sure I didn't have a cyst (I didn't! :) And the tech and physican's assistant said yupp you're about to ovulate. So of course my husband and I had sex and this was our first month TTC.

So here we are today. I had implantation bleeding last week and I swear my breasts are bigger and tender. I'm thinking I have to be pregnant, right? So today is 14 dpo and I was at the doctor's (different doctor) to discuss some bleeding during intercourse from a month ago (which he said was no big deal and explained why) just to make sure all was well. So after our chat he ends up saying he doesn't think I'm ovulating, and suggested blood tests then clomid. I tested negative today, and was supposed to start my period but didn't.

So how can an ultrasound say I'm ovulating and my doc say I'm not? I don't get it. What steps should I take next? Should I call ultrasound physician assistant and ask if he's sure I ovulated? Wait for my period then do the blood test or opk like second doc recommended?

The good news is, if in fact I'm not ovulating, we caught it early and it's an easy fix, as opposed to stressing 6 months down the road as to why I'm not pregnant yet. I truly believe that I will get pregnant when it is meant to happen, but I just hope it's soon! ☺️