Pregnant First trimester anyone else??


Hello everyone,

I am pregnant first time after 8 years.

I had an ectopic earlier.

Last week I came to know about my pregnancy and I think I was 4 weeks so doctor could not see much on ultra sound but blood test shows positive.

I hope the baby is in the uterus this time.

After my blood work he recommended vaginal pills for progesterone for 1 week and I will have my ultrasound on 8th week I am assuming.

4th week I had pulling sensation on my legs and sore breast and now nothing. I am confused Is it normal??

As this is my first time I have many questions.

When is the first ultrasound usually?

What questions should I ask the doctor?

What you guys recommend prenatal/ products for tummy or anything required for first trimester.

Please share your experience and views about your first trimester