Name our baby 😂

Hey mamas! We’re team green and have our girl name already. I’m 37+3 and have had prodromal labor since Friday so I’m getting a little nervous if baby is a boy he won’t have a name! Our other children are Charlotte (2yo) and Nathaniel (our angel baby).

We like traditional, slightly old fashioned names, typically tending in the two syllables but that’s flexible of course. We are both white, my husband has strong German lineage and we have a 10 letter German last name.

Names we like but won’t use:

Oliver (claimed by my brother 🙄)

Samuel (loved it for a while but it doesn’t fit)

Matteo (I love it, husband thinks it’s too modern)



Adam (still a maybe)

Owen (still a maybe)



Oscar (loved it for a while, I stopped liking it and hubby said it was trying to hard/awkward)

Please comment name suggestions! I told my husband if he doesn’t find an alternate I’m naming him Matteo 😂

Edited to add we do not like the Jaxon/Greyson/Daxton trendy names