I’m in a pickle 🙁

I literally had no idea how else to start this somewhat serious conversation.

I work at a daycare, I’m in the toddler room. I have a 11 week old in the infant room who I visit quite frequently on breaks and such. I try not to leave my room out of ratio. Today as I was walking by, I noticed that she was in a boppy but had somehow leaned herself forward enough so she was laying face down on the ground. None of the teachers were paying attention even though she was screaming.

So I went over to her and grabbed her, and when I looked at her face I thought I was going to cry. She has snot everywhere, her face was swollen from crying so long, and it was red from being face down in the carpet.

Now I know how group care works, but if you’re telling me feeding another child a bottle is more important then an 11 week old being face down in the carpet then I have a problem. The teachers all made excuses and one just shrugged and said “group care 🤷🏼‍♀️”. Group care to me does not mean abandoning a newborn on the ground I guess is how I feel.

Well my boss got wind of the dilemma and told me if I was going to keep going in there I would no longer be allowed to visit her in the infant room because the teachers feel like they’re getting nit picked. Now this made me mad mostly because she’s my first baby, and because how much longer would she have screamed face down if I hadn’t walked by?

They complain about her all day, “she doesn’t nap longer then 30 minutes, you must hold her a lot” yada yada. Okay yes we do hold her a lot, but she’s our FIRST baby and we love her so much. I just don’t feel like I need to avoid holding her because it’s inconvenient for daycare staff. I should add my SIL also works with me and loves on my girl all day too, she says every time she walks in there a staff tells her to get her sassy niece, or that she just wants to be held but don’t pick her up because they don’t want her to get used to it.

I guess I just needed to vent because my mama heart is hurting a little bit today. 😞