No support from family


I am 18 Years old and in my second semester of college. Last week I found out that I was pregnant and although me and my boyfriend are in NO WAY prepared financially, we were super happy about it. It has always been a dream of mine to be a young mom, and although I am younger than I wanted to be, I am proud to be a young mom already. We told my mom a few days after we found out and then we told my dad Sunday night. I had my mother’s support at first but like every other situation ever, my dad ended up talking to her and changing her mind. My father is a very selfish man who (I won’t lie) is definitely not broke or any less than high middle class status. I expected for my parents to be upset but I NEVER would have expected them to try and convince me to terminate my baby. My dad told me that I have no support from him and that “this is my accident, I can deal with it on my own”. I never expected him to pay for everything, obviously, I got myself into this, I will do everything I can to support my child. But for him to go and say that I don’t need to have ultrasounds or regular doctors visits because my baby doesn’t matter, PISSED. ME. OFF. I at least was hoping he would help me out a little bit and I could pay him back in the future. My boyfriend works an office job and doesn’t make good enough pay to raise a baby on. I just started as a sales associate at Walmart and I only make $11/hr. I seriously just don’t know what to do about the financial aspect of this situation but I know that I am going to do everything I can to finish my education, take care of this baby, and make a good life for my child.