What is wrong with me ?

I feel like the WORST human being! I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and I have been madly in love with with him until recently I’ve felt different towards him. I know I still love him and I do see myself with him in the future but at this moment I just feel distant with him, because of me. Him and i have always fought about different things but this time we fought about how he treated me in public and how I treated him. I’m just tired of it but luckily we talked it through and he’s more in love with me than ever! When I’m with him so am i but when I’m not I’m stuck thinking about the feelings/attraction I have towards this OTHER guy..

I feel like I started dating way too early and this boyfriend of mine IS my only boyfriend. We have been on and off but when we were off I had started talking to this other guy so I never really gave myself my OWN time.

I just don’t know what to do because I do love my boyfriend and he’s been there for me through literally thick and thin. And I do see myself in the future with him. And DO NOT want to break up with him just to start talking to a guy who doesn’t even know I like him.

I feel like a middle schooler going through this and it’s killing me feeling this way towards another guy and feeling differently towards my man. I have no idea what to do or feel. Please help.