Credit score help!

Back in October I found out a family member was using a credit card in my name. Maxed it out then didn’t make payments on it. You can imagine what it did to my credit score!

Fast forward 6 months and I’ve paid off that credit card plus a remaining private student loan. As of today, I only have one credit card with a balance and my car loan. I didn’t close the other credit card, but did pay it off in full. (I do have my federal student loans, but those aren’t even showing up on my credit report so I’m not super concerned about those.)

I went to check my score today and it DROPPED 22 points since paying off that credit card and student loan. WHY!?

We’re hoping to buy a house in the next few months and were not expecting it to drop even more! What can I do to help bring it up AGAIN!? Should I hold off on paying my last CC off? Will paying that one off drop or even more?

Help! 😭