My friend could have possibly killed herself last night... Was I wrong for asking her girls to see if she was alright?


Okay so this scary thing happened last night and my friend posted this paragraph last night, in her Snapchat story and after reading it I seriously thought that my friend was thinking about killing herself and might actually do it.

My names Prince btw Hi👋🏽 if any of you are wondering what’s a guy doing on Glow, I have the app because of my girlfriend. I love the information I can get Glow provides to better increase my know knowledge so that I can help my girlfriend with “lady stuff” idk what else to call it lol. I see all the polls you ladies make on here and how positive and helpful the Glow community can be, so I decided to make a poll. If any of you feel like it’s weird I’m making this poll, sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.

Also, name says Princess cause my gf calls me Princess instead of Prince😂

So anyways my friend Keke does in fact have a history of Cutting, Burning and Attempted Suicide. Shes currently on Anti-Depressants as well.

The reason why I’m making this poll is because Kekes Ex girlfriend “Ruby” is telling me, I’m wrong for messaging Kekes two friends last night and asking them to see if they could get ahold of her and caused a lot of people to freak out (even though she posted it on Snapchat so tons of people seen it and freaked out anyways but it’s my fault somehow)

Because when I seen her story I called and texted her to see if she was okay but all I got was no reply and voicemail. So I was freaking out because she could have been dead for all I know. I contacted her girls I thought were closest to her. They both told me they got nothing but Voicemail and Silence. So after that they started freaking out. So they both told their moms and friends I guess to see if they could find out if she’s alive or not.

What she posted in below.

who would read that and think “Nah she’s just trippin it’s whatever, she ain’t gonna do nothin”

Like seriously people started freaking out. Not only because of how it sounds, she didn’t answer anyone’s calls or texts. So people thought she was possibly gone.

So bellow are the Screenshots of me and Ruby talking about what happened. Ruby is texting me through Kekes phone and the very very last message is from Keke. After she finally woke up. I just want to know y’all’s thoughts on this whole thing so please let me know what you think.

So sorry for my shitty grammar.

I just realized, idk wth you Ruby is even talking about when she said I don’t know her that well lol I’ve know her for almost 3 years but maybe that’s not long enough to know someone so idk what to make of that.

The way I see it, my best friend could have “possibly” ended her life. That spark of light extinguished forever. I didn’t know what to think y’all. I panicked and got scared. I was thinking about her, her mom and little sister after reading that on snap. I thought to myself what can I do as her friend to make sure she’s okay. I just... didn’t want to wake up in the morning and find out she killed herself cause no one took it seriously. Thinking I could’ve done more as a human being... as her friend.

But i don’t know at this point, maybe I really am wrong for even saying anything to her home girls.

So do any of you think I was wrong for contacting her friends after reading something like that? Was I and all the people who got scared wrong? What would any of you have done in a situation like this, with family or a friend?

I think “Rant” is the right group to put this in, if I’m wrong sorry for my ignorance. Thank you all for taking your time to read all this, some of y’all probably got a headache now. If so my bad🙏🏽

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